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Project Piddonkadonk

Project Piddonkadonk preaches the gospel of exponential technological growth, travel hacks, dope gear, and tasty tunes for when those travel hacks go awry….that middle seat is rough, eh?” Join music industry executive and tech futurist Jake Schneider as he travels the globe while finding his ZEN through exploring the latest in video streaming, drone, and travel tech.

The Donk Abroad

The Donk Abroad Series kicked off in 2016 at an exclusive Tony Robbins retreat in Fiji before traveling through Southeast Asia and Europe.

Project Archives

During Project Piddonkadonk’s 3-year excursion, Jake amassed a collection of new product reviews, tech & travel hacks, and crashed enough video drones to many any live streamer gasp in horror. Jump through the various verticals to view the archived playlists and subscribe to the YouTube channel while you’re there.

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