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Jake Schneider

Jake Schneider

As Tracy Morgan, aka "Spoony Luv from up Above" once said, "What about The Piddonkadonk?"

Email jake|at|piddonkadonk|com or find me @piddonkadonk anywhere that good data is sold.


Jake is constantly preaching the gospel of exponential technological growth, travel hacks, dope gear, and tasty tunes for when those travel hacks go awry. As an artist-centric growth consultant, agent, manager, and brand advocate, his aim is to focus on the musicians and creators on the front line, working to provide beautiful, grotesque, sublime, and even weird art. In order for this to happen the focus needs to be shifted to one of sustainability with antiquated protocol left behind. I love helping pioneer creators find ancillary streams of income so they can live a lifestyle needed to to spread their magic on a global level.

With that being said, got some music you want to share or a new project in the pipes? Hit me up. I’m always excited to meet new artists, creators, brands, and entrepreneurs.