The Project Piddonkadonk crew returns from the Northwoods to see our friends in the Northwest in trouble. 2017 is the year of the disaster with hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mass-shootings, and wildfires dominating our news feeds month-after-month. And day-after-day, the online community rallies to help those impacted. Gone are the days of sending money to faceless charity behemoths not knowing when and if support makes it to the people in need. With just a few clicks, you can now send supplies directly to those with boots on the ground within days using Amazon’s wish lists.

The fires in Northern California are devastating and have displaced thousands of people and animals. Many had to leave on a moments notice with nothing but the shirt on their back. Here is an easy way you can help.

Thanks to Streamstock’s Ramblin’ Rose for managing the California North Bay Fire Relief wishlist. Purchase any item and select the “Fire Victims Donations” at checkout to send relief today.




Photo Credit: Sonoma Proud – Photographer Unknown