With many of the stores, postal, and shipping companies offline until further notice in areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey, getting supplies to the region has become a crucial endeavor. Thanks to Amazon’s amazing “Wish List” feature and a team of angels in semi-trucks, you can now purchase and send needed supplies to help those impacted by the storm.


All items will ship to the RFK Roofing facility in Springtown, TX where volunteers will load onto a fleet of trucks and deliver directly to community centers along the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast. For Amazon Prime members, be sure to pick 2-day shipping and select the HARVEY DONATION address. Should you wish to purchase something not on this wish-list, simply send your items as a GIFT addressed to:

1300 Randy Lane
Springtown, TX 76082

Massive shout-out to the Tidwell family for volunteering their time and trucks to deliver aid to the under-serviced communities along Harvey’s path. If you want to see your donations in action, subscribe to Tabatha’s live-streams on Facebook. You can also learn more about the boots-on-the-ground efforts underway through the Hurricane Harvey Facebook Group. Dive down the rabbit hole and get involved.



NEEDED ITEMS:  paper towels, toilet paper, disposable dinnerware (paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery), resin folding tables, resin folding chairs,  air mattresses, camping tents, pop-up tents, pillows, blankets, inset repellent, hand sanitizer, dog/cat food, portable stoves (hot plates), toaster ovens, microwaves, dorm-room refrigerators, 5 gallon buckets, plastic/vinyl gloves, work gloves, brooms, mops, 1-2 gallon sprayers (pesticide/fertilizer), contractor-strength large garbage bags, face masks, anti-bacterial soap, non-perishable food items, NEW packages of socks, underwear, and undershirts.

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS: This wish-list was created by Daysha Taylor based on her experience with the Baton Rouge Floods in 2016. For any questions or concerns, please email dayshabass@gmail.com.