For my Boulder people (note that we’ll link to or upload final edit when we’re finished although our man Bryan crushed what is basically a live edit using the Blackmagic ATEM TVS along with three Panasonic GH4‘s and although we could shoot in 4K it’s overkill for the ATEM):

Project Piddonkadonk had the amazing pleasure and time to knock out a video/audio cast with Eric Budd for Boulder City Council. He randomly reached out on Twitter to me personally (no it was not a “bot”). Bunch of young candidates this year and they’re filling 5 spots – I believe he should be one of yours. We tried to stay on topic with regards to voting issues obviously, but it was fun rapping with a fellow tech nerd about crypto-currency and blockchain. Dude knows his stuff and I think would make an excellent voice for the younger Boulder population if you like what he’s saying. Go to his website for more info.


Eric Budd stops by Project Piddonkadonk to nerd out, but more importantly talk about issues that appeal to younger voters, because dude is legit