Welp, didn’t get on that flight. Mildly stressed, yet giving into my mantra of “Road Freedom Mon,” I began relaxing on the bench and resting my head on my backpack that I “Kickstarted” (and love) at the brand new Da Dang International airport that services Hoi An, Vietnam. If there is Heaven, it’s the Ritz Carlton in Hoi An.

All I wanted was to be back home with my wife and dog, and I can still healthily say that, despite things having changed and a divorce is pending (more on that to come when I am ready, don’t you worry, but hence the “vlogger’s block” that I am kicking to the curb), I think something at that time clicked for me. For me to be Jake – the Jake that rolls with the travel punches and can’t wait to see what’s next – I found that extra time in Hoi An. This beautiful city gave me some solitude, fueled my hunger for historical expeditions and prepped me to make this trip even more of a Piddonadonk wild goose chase.

Garrett flew out to help with the video blog in Vietnam and, despite him needing to take off early, I had the amazing opportunity to immerse myself in Myanmar (often known as Burma), once a pretty closed off culture, for a few unbelievable weeks and a few stomach issues later. It will always have a place in my heart, The amazing high school buddy Leo worked for the United Nations in Northern Myanmar, and instituted all kinds of amazing pilot programs in what was essentially in or near a conflict zone. You’ll see more in Episode 10 – and I bought a bro top….. yikes!


BTW – Thanks to the amazing crew at the Ritz Carlton for making being stranded a thing of luxury for Episode 9 of Donk Goes to SE Asia, and I can’t thank my homies enough for reverse cyber-sleuthing the perpetrator who stole my cell phone. What an amazing video we got out of it. PEACE OUT.



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