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Project Piddonkadonk is the brainchild of concert industry executive, tech futurist, and online media nerd Jake Schneider, most often known and responding to long time moniker “The Piddonkadonk”, on his quest to explore the future of creativity and groundbreaking new mediums in a post-algorithmic world. As former Head of Agency Development at premiere booking agency Madison House, Inc., as well as agent for some of the music industry’s top-grossing EDM and hip-hop acts like Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Keys N Krates, etc, he has helped countless artists, agents, and promoters transition from the traditional model to a new, digital frontier.
Beginning as one of the music industry’s most talented young leaders, Jake Schneider has a legacy of disrupting status quos and transforming business as he sees fit. After launching a live concert event career in the upper-Midwest, Schneider went from college town promoter to paying his dues on the opposite end. After 14 years at Madison House in Boulder, CO his journey led him to eventually become a Partner and Director of Agency Development at the booking agency and management company, helping to take the company from three booking agents, representing roughly thirty something artists, to crafting a team of twelve agents fostering the careers of hundreds of various artists. In addition to supporting the greater good of the team, he is responsible for having played a part in the growth of some of the globe’s most creative and classic acts including:
BASSNECTAR, Lotus, Beats Antique, Keys N Krates, KYGO, Thomas Jack, Black Tiger Sex Machine, ILLENIUM, Paper Diamond, Break Science, The Soul Rebels, Hieroglyphics, Del the Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Zion I, Gift of Gab, Blackalicious, Amp Live, The New Mastersounds, The Coup, Stanton Moore, Adam Deitch, Crywolf, Dabin, Hilltop Hoods, Liquid Stranger, MOBB DEEP, Lyrics Born, The Pharcyde, Moon Hooch, Pnuma Trio, PHAM, Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, Thundercat, and Twiddle.
Working to revolutionize the fan experience at outdoor festivals, arenas, amphitheaters and venues around the world, Schneider has been invited to share his insights to organizations and panels including Insomniac’s EDM Biz, Pollstar Live!, IMFCON, Cutting Edge Music Conference, Canadian Music Week and SF MusicTech Summit, among countless other speaking, keynote and live streaming events in addition to a heavy dose of mentoring for the next generation of young rockstars. He also sits on the advisory board of nonprofit Conscious Alliance and soccer/footy club Colorado Rapids. With his career long client in particular, BASSNECTAR, Schneider flipped the live music scene upside down, paving the way for the the largest grossest touring electronic act in North America. Doing so by applying a different type of model to his strategic touring, that of one like the Grateful Dead. Consequently, leaning heavily on grassroots routing, and grinding it out, Schneider helped usher in a new era of music festivals. An era where electronic acts were no longer relegated to only being a second stage artist, but instead empowered burgeoning world of DJ’s and producers on this side of the pond to powerfully command massively diverse crowds. His artists garnered fans with their alternative blend of genres, pulling in rock, metal and hip-hop elements, selling out massive venues across North America while uniquely focusing on spreading the love to secondary and tertiary markets that had had always been ignored by these particular types of genres. It allowed his artists to grow their fanbases and sell out both staple and unheard of venues in places like Nashville, Birmingham, Grand Rapids, Burlington, to name a few. This set the precedent for other electronic acts to follow in some of the same footsteps which led to what we see now, equality for types of music at multi-genre festivals, now regularly seeing headlining slots for DJ’s alongside other massive acts like Metallica, Mumford & Sons, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, PHISH, etc.
With a deep passion for all things geekdom - gadgets, comic books, and intricate custom computer creations – Jake has been viewed as a pioneer in the adoption of cutting edge technology in the music industry, while changing the face of efficiency and workflow. Early on in his career, viewing the processes used by the industry as archaic he co-created the first cloud-based agency and tour management platform, which was an amalgamation of CMS’s, CRM’s and other pieces of software that in turn pulled the business into the current millennium. In addition to this he was one of the first outspoken “Apple Boys” in music world to move his agency and management firm onto an Mac-based eco-system, and away from sluggish Filemaker-driven programs housed on antiquated Windows machines. Despite his heavy workload as an agent and manager, as well as taking part in the talent buying for Madison House Presents festivals such as Rothbury, Electric Forest, and The Big Summer Classic, he followed that up, spreading technological goodwill, and consulted for other agencies, which many would have viewed as competitors, flipping their systems, which was an arduous transition from longtime rooted Windows-based organizations to what is now a predominantly Apple-dominated industry. Publications like PC World have taken note and featured his progress in changing the landscape.
Of late Jake has shifted focus and plays a significant role in consulting for developing artists, musicians, influencers, and other creators, in addition to those who, like him, wished to work in the industry of supporting these artists, assisting them in creating roadmaps that intend to give everyone a shot while breaking down the barriers of exclusivity and away from a world of “Ari Gold” ego-dominated individuals that lack empathy for the likes of oft-mistreated promoters, underdogs, and others looking for their “break”. One can also address his ability as an influencer, branding guru and marketing for brands, to work alongside the entertainment sphere. Schneider’s vision, viewing the business world of music as being symbiotic, knowing that every cog in the machine plays an equal part, has set him apart from other entertainment titans, and his realization that the business can be fast-paced and fruitful without the need for some of the “catastrophizing” behavior, which can often be seen as plaguing the intensely shaped business. Private time with the likes of Gary Vee/Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins, among others, has helped shape and mold his outlook on life, business and relationships.
It's time to make a departure from the formulaic...
The future is not 9-to-5. It’s not propelled by bot farms, sorted by algorithm, and swayed by fake news machines. It sleeps in the underground of every city and dreams as one culture united by a need to better itself through advancement. The future is the influencers that explore it, the artists that are inspired by it, and the users that consume it. It is all of us. It could be Project Piddonkadonk, or that could be a label like everything else, but we're having fun with it nonetheless.
“Everything changes, but nothing changes at all” ~ Anthony Bourdain