Author: Jake

DONK GOES TO SE ASIA: Traveling With a Light Load [Episode 1]

Welcome to a day in the life of a traveling Piddonkadonk! I’m in Southeast Asia and talking all my friends, followers, and fellow nerds and hungry techies with me to kick off the next adventure in “The Donk Abroad” series. Of course, we couldn’t leave home without a few gadgets from our arsenal of photo and video gear. How many is considered “a few” is still up for debate. Check out the first (NOT-culturally significant) video in the DONK GOES TO SE ASIA series and click here to subscribe to the YouTube series for updates as new videos are...

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The Kickass Kickstarter Live streaming video is about to get way cheaper and easier. I’m so incredibly pumped about the FREECAST: Broadcast High-Quality Video on the Fly Kickstarter. This is the most exciting news to hit the world of live streaming. These guys are making it more affordable to stream high-quality video in real time straight from a camera to any audience anywhere.  Photo via FREECAST I’m constantly preaching the “Gospel of Technology” and always looking for the next hot crowd-funded tech product, but I can’t remember ever being this inspired by a Kickstarter. It’s Time for a Live Streaming Video Revolution  While working and traveling...

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