Author: Jake

DONK GOES TO SE ASIA: Hanoi by Night [Episode 7]

On our second night in Hanoi, we hop a scooter for a nighttime expedition past the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum with the grace of a typical American (we need to work on Jared’s cultural sensitivity… oof). We’re fortunate to have an amazing guide, who dropped some amazing insight about the cultural history of the area before stopping in at a club to get turnt with the locals. We’ve made it to Episode 7 of the DONK GOES TO SE ASIA series and no one has died, but alas, we have so many more adventures to come. Subscribe to our...

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Piddonkadeal: You Too Could Make Cinematic Pro-level Videos With This Stabilizer

We see a ton of people out there creeping around (that’s us) with GoPro gimbals/stabilizers (Karma Grip) for smooth video capturing, and even our smartphones have seen an explosion in new gimbal technology (we have the DJI Osmo Mobile and love it), BUT if you’re on the move with a DSLR camera in hand, sometimes a tripod just isn’t enough. You’re going to need a gimbal/stabilizer to hold the camera steady while you enjoy the adventure, however, go check the pricing on most of these things – you’ll be dropping a small fortune to snag a DJI Ronin or...

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DONK GOES TO SE ASIA: Face Etched in Marble? [Episode 4]

Happy Buddha… Dragons are coming. After a snafu at customs in Singapore, finally arrived to Hoi An, Vietnam and wandered into an amazing sculpture garden. Does anyone have a large truck that can move multiple-ton statues in a few months from customs in Denver with the destination Boulder? We sure hope so because a marble Piddonkadonk bust is on the way! YAHTZEE! Check out Episode 4 in the DONK GOES TO SE ASIA series and click here to subscribe to more DONK ABROAD antics as they are released....

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