Author: Jake

A moment of realness

We need to take a step back from our usual posts for a minute and observe what is really going on in the world right now. As music lovers and lovers of all people, this video speaks to us in these times. Please take a minute to watch this very real piece of work by Zeshan B. Mega thanks to Brian Schwartz for sharing....

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Target is About to Step Up Their Game!

As a consumer and connoisseur of all things convenient, it’s safe to say Piddonkadonk wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Amazon Prime. But he has fond memories of Target. The Donk started going to Target as a kid back in Minnesota when he had lots of friends working there, but as an adult, when ordering things to be delivered to your door became the norm, ye olde Target became a tad too inconvenient to be the center of purchase for the Piddonkadonk gear fortress. In recent news, we found that Target is about to step up their...

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How to be home when you’re not, AND talk to the fam.

Here’s an excellent life hack to be in two places at once. It’s very convenient for the Piddonkadonk lifestyle. Canary talk allows you to see your home or office when you aren’t there AND speak to the room. …and you thought this kind of stuff was only real in science fiction movies.   Henson the labradoodle is going to be thrilled.   #technology #travel #home #canary #talk #family #lifehack...

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PiddonkaDEAL: BeatsX In-ear Wireless Headphones

It’s almost comical to see people still running through the airport with their earbuds they bought at the gas station tied all the way to their phone in their pocket by a flimsy little unnecessary wire that is waiting to snap. What is that, a Walkman? Level UP! Music, travel and technology are our reasons for living here at Piddonkadonk. The technology behind the BeatsX In-Ear Wireless Headphones is a huge come-up on all fronts. The W1 chip has made wireless headphone pairing super easy to pretty much any device, they sound awesome, and you don’t have to tangle...

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