Author: DayshaBass

The Love in the Air is Thicker than the Smoke

The Project Piddonkadonk crew returns from the Northwoods to see our friends in the Northwest in trouble. 2017 is the year of the disaster with hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, mass-shootings, and wildfires dominating our news feeds month-after-month. And day-after-day, the online community rallies to help those impacted. Gone are the days of sending money to faceless charity behemoths not knowing when and if support makes it to the people in need. With just a few clicks, you can now send supplies directly to those with boots on the ground within days using Amazon’s wish lists. The fires in Northern California...

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New Bill Includes a Poison Pill for Music Rights Holders

As if the music publishing game wasn’t complicated enough, Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Steve Chabot (R-OH), and Suzan Del-Bene (D-WA) are co-sponsoring a new bill to “fix” the music industry. The HR 3350 bill, aka the ‘Transparency in Music Licensing Act’, includes some lovely fine-print that would strip copyright owners of their rights if they don’t participate in Congress’ proposed Universal Song Database. Keep in mind, this is all in the pipes while the US Copyright Office seat remains vacant under Trump’s leadership. Hold on to your copyrights, friends. This is a douche canoe move at best. Head over...

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Wish List for Harvey Relief: Send Supplies to Disaster Zones

With many of the stores, postal, and shipping companies offline until further notice in areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey, getting supplies to the region has become a crucial endeavor. Thanks to Amazon’s amazing “Wish List” feature and a team of angels in semi-trucks, you can now purchase and send needed supplies to help those impacted by the storm. CLICK HERE TO SEND SUPPLIES NOW All items will ship to the RFK Roofing facility in Springtown, TX where volunteers will load onto a fleet of trucks and deliver directly to community centers along the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast. For...

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