After 17 years of developing many of the country’s headlining electronic music artists, Jake “Piddonkadonk” Schneider has worked around-the-clock to redefine the space in which fans relate to the live music experience. As  senior agent, partner, and head of talent development  for Madison House, a premiere boutique agency representing artists such as Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Lotus, Keys N Krates, Paper Diamond and more, he’s navigated a rapidly-evolving music landscape by being an early adopter of technology and key influencer of all things geek.

Deciding recently that the agency grind wasn’t fulfilling as much any more, he’s been fielding gigs across the music and technology spheres, with a bunch of time now spent video blogging about technology, travel and music. Considering that he’s a keen early adopter and gear “influencer,” which has meant that his social media channels and blogs have attracted a considerable amount of traffic to anyone who wants information on the latest trends, including dozens of brands themselves (Jake gets products sent to him to review). Backpacks are his forte, and he’s still on his existential quest to find the perfect carry-all for the absurd amount of gadgets he wields.

The basis of Moore’s Law has been a major source of influence for “The Piddonkadonk” as well. This supports the notion that technology will continue to develop in an exponential trajectory. He preached the gospel of it all and adores the fact that it is more accessible to ANYONE on a financial level than it has ever been before, attempts to break down the barriers that make it so intimidating to many, and uses it for ultimate efficiency in all parts of his life.

The video blog also allowed him to venture into music and global culture. Of course, we are all a large global community, and our interests are intertwined. He often engages people by interviewing them about culture, arts, music, and street art. The past two weeks have been inventive, and within FOURTEEN DAYS he’s seen graffiti and experienced top hip hop sounds in places from Burma/Myanmar to Amsterdam. People seem to open up to his charismatic demeanor, his non-abrasive attitude, and his willingness to not just be “that big American guy”.

Jake lends his insight to many organizations and panels; Insomniac’s EDM Biz, Pollstar Live!, IMFCON, Cutting Edge Music Conference, Canadian Music Week and SF MusicTech Summit are just a few who have tapped into his expertise for their various events. Sitting on the advisory board of the not-for-profit Conscious Alliance, Jake works within music communities to raise much-needed monetary and food donations for economically isolated Native American reservations. He is also a member of the Colorado Rapids advisory board where he works to improve the overall fan experience for the club, which is one of the 10 founding soccer teams in the MLS.

From his adaption to the Rocky Mountains’ relaxed lifestyle to his passion for all things technology and geekdom, Jake may very well be the world’s only music industry/fly-fisherman/comic book nerd.