Project Piddonkadonk is the brainchild of concert industry executive, tech futurist, and online media nerd Jake Schneider, most often known and responding to long time moniker “The Piddonkadonk”, on his quest to explore the future of creativity and groundbreaking new mediums in a post-algorithmic world. As former Head of Agency Development at premiere booking agency Madison House, Inc., as well as agent for some of the music industry’s top-grossing EDM and hip-hop acts like Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Keys N Krates, etc, he has helped countless artists, agents, and promoters transition from the traditional model to a new, digital frontier.

Join us on a roller-coaster ride through Jake’s personal vlog, as well as a series of podcasts, TV shows, blogs, and live streams, in search of creativity, imagination, new technologies and the people that go against the grain when thinking about things in different ways, along with an occasional stop at the local ma and pop comic book store.

Project Piddonkadonk not only documents the search for the new model, but is built on the foundation of each discovery captured by The Donk and his many photographer and videographer friends.

It’s time to make a departure from the formulaic…

The future is not 9-to-5. It’s not propelled by bot farms, sorted by algorithm, and swayed by fake news machines. It sleeps in the underground of every city and dreams as one culture united by a need to better itself through advancement. The future is the influencers that explore it, the artists that are inspired by it, and the users that consume it. It is all of us. It could be Project Piddonkadonk, or that could be a label like everything else, but we’re having fun with it nonetheless.

“Everything changes, but nothing changes at all” ~ Anthony Bourdain