We use a TON of different smart home (or IoT aka “Internet of Things) components over here at the Schneider HQ and things often go awry. Alexa, Google Home, and a variety of devices we lovingly refer to as “She Who Will Not Be Named” often decided to act up on their own. We’re STOKED to not have anything like this dropping over the Sonos, I’ll tell you that.

One of the main hubs that we use is the Wink Hub 2, which like other hubs of its kind, ties in all of the smart components and groups them together to create scenes, schedules, etc for various parts of the day, during our coming and goings or simply when a temperature threshold has been hit. Every once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to pop on the Reddit forums for your specific hub. In this case, we’re frequenting the Samsung SmartThings thread, along with Alexa (ooops, I mean “She Who Shall Not Be Named”), Apple Homekit, Insteon, and other threads.

After trolling the Wink Hub 2 subreddit, we found this post absolutely hilarious… and terrifying. Though, just to be clear, Wink Hub 2 is our hub of choice! I’m cool with my Howard Stern Show wakeup alarm…

Fergie got you