It’s almost comical to see people still running through the airport with their earbuds they bought at the gas station tied all the way to their phone in their pocket by a flimsy little unnecessary wire that is waiting to snap. What is that, a Walkman? Level UP!

Music, travel, and all things geek are our reasons for living here at Piddonkadonk HQ. The technology behind the BeatsX In-Ear Wireless Headphones are a huge come-up on all fronts. The W1 chip has made wireless headphone pairing super easy to pretty much any device, they sound awesome, and you don’t have to tangle yourself up in them when you’re already in the middle of an expedition. They even clasp around your neck magnetically when you aren’t using them so you aren’t trying to ram them in your pocket between uses either.

Finally, a sweet deal on one of the most useful things in a Piddonkadonk lifestyle. has done it again with a front-page feature on these bad boys for nearly half off the list price. W1-up!

Grab a pair:

BeatsX In-ear Wireless Headphones $80 in bulk packaging (Orig. $150)