The next stop on our Vietnamese adventure was popular tourist spot, Ha Long Bay. During tourist season, it can be obnoxious, but we went at exactly the right time and snagged ourselves the two DOPE DOPE suites at the end of this amazing mini cruise ship.

These boats can be brutally infested with vacationers, but thanks to off-season and the careful travel arrangements by our adventurous travel guru, Jared, we were ballin’ out on the high seas bumping Chance the Rapper. The crew was offering an early morning sunrise experience that involved some guided Tai Chi (Thank You, Vivi), which I was most likely going to bow out of but as Jared knocked on my door incessantly at 5 AM I was coaxed into getting up.

In truth, he just wanted me to document his shenanigans, but we realized we could meet in the middle and snag what I think turned out to be a really fun time-lapse that covered a 3-4 hours window on the deck of the boat. I of course decided I needed to pop off a “live stream” on Facebook, but then we went digitally dark for a bit and harnessed the tranquil vibes surrounding us. Listen, I’m no meditation master, but Jared requested and the Donk delivered pretty well in a guided mindfulness exercise. I was surprised by myself.

To keep this super heady we must say that Episode 6 in the DONK GOES TO SE ASIA series does a stellar job of conveying our travels through the waves and the spacetime continuum.

How do you like that?

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