We see a ton of people out there creeping around (that’s us) with GoPro gimbals/stabilizers (Karma Grip) for smooth video capturing, and even our smartphones have seen an explosion in new gimbal technology (we have the DJI Osmo Mobile and love it), BUT if you’re on the move with a DSLR camera in hand, sometimes a tripod just isn’t enough. You’re going to need a gimbal/stabilizer to hold the camera steady while you enjoy the adventure, however, go check the pricing on most of these things – you’ll be dropping a small fortune to snag a DJI Ronin or something of the sort. WELL…this is only the second time that a highly rated gimbal of this caliber has dipped to that $500 price point (the last time was actually via MassDrop). The Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is $150 off today on B&H.

 This is an unprecedented deal for a stable shot! Stay tuned for my unboxing video and test-run when ours is delivered later this month.