Thanks to the homie Row Weber from Dear Folks for sending me this gem of a link. It’s a website created by a guy named Tim, from Ustwo Auto, who claims he doesn’t quite know why he’s trying to amass these “children of the nineties” hotly desired toys, Micro Machines. He thinks they’re cooler than the real thing though – why buy a ton expensive cars when you can get a bunch of small ones cheaper and the commercial features a guy who talks amazingly fast (see below). I actually emailed Tim ( and he hit me back with what seemed like a sincere and genuine gratitude for the support. Are we being messed with? What’s happening here? I think I like it though!

Dude will pay cold hard cash for them and is putting up descriptions and everything. Slick looking site as well. I don’t know you but I might try to sell or swap some of the world’s smallest toy automobiles with him???

Head on over to Micro But Many and check it out for yourself: