We made it to Hanoi, Vietnam and were expedited through customs despite the hilarious confusion that Jared created by telling our local “fixer” that Mr. Piddonkadonk was part of our touring party and that it wasn’t just Jacob Schneider and Jared Bodner. I was mildly concerned about never being able to vape again due to my near arrest at customs upon entrance into Singapore, where I was taken in the back, almost poo’ed myself, and was made to fill a form out that said I was not aware that vaping was illegal in Singapore.

Confession: I got down on a few nasty ciggies while in Singapore, so I was thoroughly excited when It turned out that Vietnam has one of the coolest urban and youth cultures out there with a vibrant vape scene. We made an amazing stop at Vape Star, one of three great vape shops (cool branding too) within a few blocks of the Hanoi Hilton. Not THAT “HANOI HILTON” (check the history).

Although it’s egregious, I was able to overindulge in the clouds, and I was fascinated by my new friend, dope hip-hop, and our tour of Hanoi which began ripping around on scooters with our amazing guide Lucy, while stopping often sampling Hanoi’s greatest local food and drinks, including…FRIED PHO?!?

Jared and I shot most of this footage with a smourgus borg of crazy cameras, gimbal stabilizers, and other assorted gear. For this specific mini-sode here are some particular items that we used as we tore up Hanoi:

GoPro Hero5 Black
Shoots in 4k and used for some of the cool vibey street life shots in conjunction with #2 below.

GoPro Karma Grip
Acts as a stabilizer/gimbal for smooth movement.

Panasonic – Lumix DMC-GH4
My go-to Numero Uno point and shoot camera. Amazing auto-filters with a warm and vibrant finish. It’s a mirrorless DSLR that shoots 4K and is pretty weather resistant and fared well as it was POURING RAIN while I was shooting video from the back of a scooter. I own three of these guys for multi-cam HD or 4K video shoots and due to the fact that there is no restriction on the time you can record, not to mention the marathon battery life, these are legitimately the BEST DSLR’s for live video streaming events, especially when you have something like a BlackMagic ATEM TVS that can switch between the feeds of the various cameras. They’ve released a GH5, which I have my eye on, but there’s really no imminent reason for me to drop the dough being as that my ATEM has eight inputs and the price of the GH4 is dropping. Might as well purchase 5 X more GH4’s to get a hilarious 1 person manned 8 camera feed going.

Panasonic LUMIX LX10
My “Go To Numero Dos”: The “quick draw”, pocket-sized, point-and-shoot. It comes at an unprecedented price for a camera this small that has a built in lens, which would be fine, but is even better being as that it is LEICA glass w/ one of the first of its size to have amazing image stabilization, 4K video at 30 frames per second and Full HD output at 60 fps, but if you’re looking for snapping pics the 4K Photo mode alllows you to shoot amazing vid and it allows you to pull amazing 8 MB photos out of the footage. And the kicker for the Piddonkadonk, just like the GH4 above, is the flip-around-rotating LCD touch screen for getting that selfie snaps or testimonials!

You can view a constantly updated list of my gear on my KIT.com profile, including LED lights, shotgun mics, lenses, and more.