Had an absolute blast today putting together some of the final pieces for the live streaming studio, which by the way is going to be MOBILE. Yep. It full on fits into a SKB hard case and can be checked on a plane. We were doing a quick dry run for some other applications that we’re going to put the studio to use for, but can’t talk about that right now. Secret stuff! Really lucky to have been connected with the amazing video/photo masters, Kristina and Bryan from Sobokeh, AND to have our live streaming GURU, Teddy, rack this gear and get it all ready for future use. We did this test stream as an “unboxing” video of the new USB-C “Chocolate Hub”. More info on that below, however in case you’re interested in trying this yourself here’s a list of gear that we’re rocking, but trust me, you don’t need all of this to start popping off live streams by any means! A cell phone will do just fine!

Also – we did this in the kitchen…just saying….


  • 3 X Panasonic GH4‘s (they can shoot at 4K resolution, but we shot 1080, however we only broadcasted out 720P because we went to both Facebook and Youtube simultaneously, and Facebook doesn’t stream larger than 720 – still looked good I thought!)
  • BlackMagic ATEM TV Switcher – This is the device that allows us to switch cameras and it has eight inputs, four HDMI and four SDI that we can toggle between,
  • Osprey Talon encoder, which is responsible for sending out the streams to FB and Youtube!
  • BlackMagic monitor for viewing the various inputs/camera feeds and what was being shot out to the rest of you.
  • Atomos Ninja Flame monitor for recording footage and easy viewing for Bryan on the mobile GH4. It wasn’t necessary for this, but Atomos’ ninja aesthetic is too cool not to use!
  • AJA Helo encoder for backup purposes, not to mention the Cerevo Liveshell X and the Teradek VidiU Pro that we had on standby, all doing the same thing as the Osprey, encoding and streaming!)
  • Axler and Varavon cages for the GH4’s which allow easier movement and the mounting of different devices like mic inputs, shotgun mics, on-camera monitors, etc
  • LOTS of micro-HDMI cables.
  • Movo wireless lavaliers – these things are great and affordable, listen they’re not the Senheisers, but they’ve got the job done before. The receiver was on one of the GH4’s and the transmitter was connected to my lapel mic.
  • Varavon dummy batteries for the GH4 which basically work an external battery and are mounted on the rails below the cages.
  • Atomos Power Station Video which again does much of the same things that the Varavon does and uses a “dummy battery”, but hooks into this which takes some cheaper and more standard and more “universal” batteries.
  • The Atomos Ninja Blade was on hand, but we didn’t get to use it.
  • As far as the “glass” goes, we used a few different “micro four thirds” lenses, but my personal favorite is the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO Lens which cost me a pretty penny, but she’s a beaut.

Anyways the whole thing was fun and looked super cool and by simply pulling up my logo, we were able to create an amazing “lower third” template at the bottom of the screen – nice work Kristina and Ted. Of course like usual, the pizza guy came during the unboxing live stream test, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. Live streaming is known to make you want pizza. Was fun quickly showing people the Macbook and Macbook Pro and their slimmed down form factors, now only bearing USB-C ports and headphone outputs. Didn’t bust out the OWC Thunderbolt 3 USB-C TURBO CRAZY EPIC dock yet, but the USB-C Chocolate Hub was really cool to dig into and not only will I be bringing that around as my “travel dock”, I love the fact that it’s capable of charging my Mophie Charge Force case that I have on my iPhone 7 Plus which is a magnet based wireless charging system equipped with QI technology. If I’ve lost you, feel free to shoot me an email or message me and I will explain a bit more, but feel free to check out the Charge Force stuff for yourself though nonetheless. It’s actually made me a Mophie believer again. Not sure why Apple couldn’t just have gone wireless by themselves! Come on Cupertino!

Welp – here’s the vid of the live stream we knocked out!

Love, Donkey