Hands-free mobile tech is taking over. Today, we’re looking at the Logitech ZeroTouch and the Android Auto App.

I used to be a mad Android nerd, so if we are going to talk about hands-free mobile tech, I have to mention the Android Auto App. This system can basically let you operate your phone through your car.

My followers already know I’m a huge Logitech fan (see one of their legendary products in the links below). Now, the Logitech ZeroTouch is REALLY amazing because it allows you to do anything on your phone and control all of your smart home devices all with voice activation or the wave of a hand.

In this new #TheDonkApproves video tech review on hands-free mobile tech, I go through the pros, the cons and even one kind of creepy feature.

There are a ton of options out there for hands-free mobile tech, so I boiled it down to my favorite brands, apps, accessories and devices. To check out the products I talk about in the video, use the Amazon links below!

My Favorite Hands-Free Mobile Tech for Cars and Smart Homes

Moto Z Play Droid

One of my favorite android phones that comes with equipped with the Android Auto App. 
Get the Moto Z Play Droid on Amazon HERE!

Hands-free mobile tech recommendation: Moto Z Play DroidPhoto via Motorola


Incipio Case

This case is equipped with an external battery and q1 compatibility for wireless charging. I use this with my Logitech ZeroTouch hands-free car mount (see the next link below!).
Get the Incipio Case on Amazon HERE!

Hands-free mobile tech recommendation: Incipio external battery phone casePhoto via Incipio

Logitech ZeroTouch Hands-Free Car Mount

This car mount offers voice and gesture interface for hands-free in-car connectivity. Just ask Alexa!
Get the Logitech ZeroTouch Hands-Free Car Mount on Amazon HERE!

Hands-free mobile tech recommendationPhoto via Logitech


Logitech Harmony 650 All-in-One Remote Control

Had to slip this in here because their remontes are the reason why I got hooked on Logitech in the first place.
Get the Logitech Harmony Remote on Amazon HERE!

Hands-free mobile tech recommendation: TouchZero by Logitech, the brand that makes this Harmony Universal RemotePhoto via Logitech