Get Ready to Geek Out on Live Streaming Gear

I am on a quest to find the ultimate combination of top-notch live streaming gear. Today, I’m bringing you behind the scenes to the Schneider HQ basement aka the war zone from my latest tech binge.

After hours and hours of research and way too any purchases and returns, I’m getting ready to try out TONS of new live streaming video devices.

From Cerevo and Canon to Atomos and GoPro, I’m running through the most talked-about brands and devices for live streaming video.

Check out the lives streaming gear on deck at the Schneider HQ, the home of Project Piddonkadonk. These are the top Donk-approved brands and devices.

1. Cerevo LiveShellX

This tiny live streaming encoder box delivers huge results! The LiveShellX gives you super high quality, professional-level live streaming video. You can even record/broadcast up to 3 streams simultaneously!

Get the Cerevo LiveShellX on Amazon HERE!

Live streaming gear recommendation: Cerevo LiveShellX encoderPhoto via Cerevo

2. Canon REBEL EOS T5i

The Cannon REBEL EOS T5i just plain rocks. Both beginners and pros will dig the quality and convenience of this Canon kit. It’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to professional-style photo and video. Plus, it’s fairly easy to learn and operate.

Get the Canon REBEL EOS T5i on Amazon HERE!

Live streaming gear recommendation: Canon EOS Rebel T5iPhoto via Canon

I have big plans to hack the Canon REBEL with Magic Lantern. I’ve been dying to try out the free software add-on that runs on SD/CF and has a ton of killer features. Keep in mind that doing something like this WILL void your warranty with Canon. So, hack at your own risk!

One of our Live Streaming Gear recommendation is the Magic Lantern free add-on software for Canon EOS camerasPhoto via Magic Lantern


This mirrorless compact system camera packs an awesome punch! You get 4K 24p cinematic video, 4K 3840×2160 30p/24p, high speed 49 area auto focusing, and high performance professional shutter. I also love the simultaneous 8.8 MP photo capture.

Get the Panasonic LUMIX DMC on Amazon HERE!

Live streaming gear recommendation: Panasonic LUMIX GH4Photo via Panasonic LUMIX

4. Atomos Ninja Flame

This is an external recorder that I’m hooking up to my GH4s, but you can hook it up to any camera. What I love about this thing is the better view you get of you’re recordings and the remote control ability.

Get the Atomos Ninja Flame on Amazon HERE!

Live streaming gear recommendation: Atomos Ninja FlamePhoto via Atomos

4. GoPro Karma Grip & EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal

For stabilizers, I am using the GoPro’s own Karma Grip and then the EVO GoPro Gimbal. I’m impressed with the pro-quality, cinema-style video you can get with these devices while still enjoying the freedom and flexibility of your GoPro camera. Both are super easy to set up, and the Gimbal even comes with a built-in charging cable for your camera.

Get the GoPro Karma Grip on Amazon HERE!

Live streaming gear recommendation: GoPro Karma Grip stabilizer

Photo via GoPro

Get the EVO GoPro Gimbal on Amazon HERE! 

Live streaming gear recommendation: EVO GoPro Gimbal stabilizer

Photo via EVO GoPro Gimbal

5. RODE VideoMic Pro Shotgun Microphone

I’m using the GoPro Gimbal and GoPro Karma Grip as part of my live streaming gear, but I highly recommend pairing them with some solid mics. I’m went with the battery-powered (9V) RODE Shotgun. Full disclosure, I got some feedback with these when I first tried them but I think it was because I was in my office where I have 75 devices connected to my home network. There definitely could have been a little interference.

Get the RODE Shotgun Mic on Amazon HERE! 

Live streaming gear recommendation: RODE VideoMic Pro Shotgun Microphone

Photo via RODE

6. iRig Pads MIDI Controller

I’m about to incorporate these iRig Pads to bring my live streaming gear to the next level. With these, I’ll be able to do a bunch of fun live switching with midi-controlled effects and transitions.

Get the iRig Pads on Amazon HERE!

Live streaming gear recommendation: iRig Pads MIDI Controller

Photo via IK Multimedia

Comment with the live streaming gear that YOU’RE geeking out about! We want to hear about it at Project Piddonkadonk! We’ll even give you a shoutout during our next Facebook Live stream.