Stop the Nonsensical Phone Battery Case Madness

If you are still using a phone battery case that requires a micro USB, I feel your pain! They just are not as smooth and convenient a system as you might think.

Don’t worry my fellow hungry techies, because I’m about to introduce you to a much more superior wireless phone charging system.

The restrictive micro USB external battery packs are actually what turned me off from Mophie. I couldn’t stand those battery phone cases, so I ditched them and started adopting ones like the all-in-one iHome Omni 3000 Portable Battery. I specifically looked for battery phone cases that could charge your battery and your phone with a built-in lightning cord connecter.

But Mophie just may have won me back! The mobile accessories brand is finally stepping up their game and feeling the Qi flow!

The Mophie Comeback

Mophie came out with the new Charge Force. It’s an external phone battery case with Qi compatibility, which means it can be used with any wireless charging technology.

The Mophie Charge Force works great and is awesomely convenient. With the full Mophie Charge Force Power Station, you can get a pad, desk mount and car mount. The best part is, with the Qi compatibility, you can add as many chargers to your battery power eco-system as you want.

Well played, Mophie… well played.

Mophie Charge Force Qi-enabled phone battery case with wireless charging pad

Mophie Charge Force Qi-enabled phone battery case with car mount

The Magic of Qi

Qi is Chinese for “energy flow” and technically pronounced “chee” (but I call it “Q-I” because I feel less like a knucklehead this way). It’s the hot tech right now in the mobile industry because it gives us the freedom to charge wirelessly! Qi is essentially the transfer of power through an electromagnetic inductive coil.

Just to really break it down for ya… Qi phone battery cases are the bomb. Who doesn’t like wireless charging?! Grab and go, my friends. Too easy.

If you are looking for a totally smooth, seamless and convenient phone battery case and charging system, I highly recommend the new Charge Force Power Station from Mophie! Check out the cases, pads and mounts on Amazon below.