The Kickass Kickstarter

Live streaming video is about to get way cheaper and easier.

I’m so incredibly pumped about the FREECAST: Broadcast High-Quality Video on the Fly Kickstarter. This is the most exciting news to hit the world of live streaming. These guys are making it more affordable to stream high-quality video in real time straight from a camera to any audience anywhere. 

A live streaming video kit from FREECAST includes a receiver and a transmitterPhoto via FREECAST

I’m constantly preaching the “Gospel of Technology” and always looking for the next hot crowd-funded tech product, but I can’t remember ever being this inspired by a Kickstarter.

It’s Time for a Live Streaming Video Revolution 

While working and traveling as a music agent for the last 13 years, I collected an arsenal of amazing video clips and photos from around the world. Until recently, I used devices like Flip Camera, Sony Handycam or iPhone to take photos and video. Sharing them with others has been a blast, and I’ve posted things like crappy quality clips of Jurassic 5 side stage at Fuji Rock in Japan (my Nirvana) and Facebook Live streaming videos of my clients playing sold out shows in other countries. 

The videos I posted or streamed looked great to everyone else because it was “cool.” But let’s be honest… they were garbage. And yet, there are so many incredibly talented athletes, artists and photographers out there that don’t have the means to share photos and video because of financial reasons.

Don’t get my wrong, I think that my incessant photos and live streaming video brought people joy, but I’d much rather see a badass skateboarder ride a rail in Barcelona on a live broadcast. Only professionals could afford quality live streaming video gear… until now! (Queue my usual spiel on Moore’s Law about technology doubling every year).


FREECAST is making live streaming video fiscally accessible to more people. Their kits are wireless and super sleek, compact and lightweight. It’s insane how ideal these kids are for traveling, sports and all other mayhem.

Straight from their Kickstarter, check out what you can do: 

“FREECAST gives you endless possibilities to take your storytelling to the next level.

  • Cast live with real-time broadcasts. 
  • Create something new with the ability to livestream from any HDMI camera.
  • Cast on the fly from even the most remote locations. 
  • Move freely with transmission radius of up to 500 meters.”

In other words, FREECAST is empowering people to CHANGE THE MEDIUM.

Pledge ONLY $299 NOW to pre-order your standard FREECAST KIT. 

Live streaming video of snowboarder broadcasted with a FREECAST kitGif via FREECAST

Live streaming videos of yoga broadcasted with the FREECAST kit Photo via FREECAST