The Rebounding Phenomenon

Rebounding is hitting the mainstream. Turns out those obnoxious birthday party destinations like “Bounce Town” or “Trampoline Time” (aka “A-TON-of-Wild-Kids-with-Germs Town,”) were on to something.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Does anyone remember “goody bags”? Those were awesome. Do they still do that or am I just old?

Here at SCHNEIDER HQ, we just received some REALLY exciting (and large) boxes from our friend Mr. UPS… mini-trampolines!

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Tony Robbins’ 11-day retreat/seminar “Life and Wealth Mastery” in Fiji about two months back. While we covered a ridiculous amount of ground in the fields of psychology, physiology and financial freedom, one of my favorite topics was “rebounding.”

How Rebounding Benefits You

The definition of “rebounding” according to Wikipedia is: “a type of elastically leveraged low-impact exercise usually performed on a device known as a rebounder—sometimes called a ‘mini-trampoline’—which is directly descended from regular sports or athletic trampolines.”

Mini-trampolines were set up in the back of the classroom, and we started every day by rebounding. It’s bizarre because I would normally be searching for coffee, but getting wild on this trampoline somehow really shook things up and got the adrenaline going.

You put on some loud and tasty tunes and rebound for 20-30 minutes (five minutes works too), and you feel like a different person both physically and mentally. Not to mention, you’re getting exercise without all of the stress on your joints.

The What System?!

Well-respected rebounder manufacturer Bellicon has this to say in regards to the lymphatic system (I know, WTF is that right?). 

“The lymphatic network of vessels and organs labours away, cleaning up after the rest of your biological systems. Thick, recycled body fluid called lymph collects bacteria, viruses and waste, filtering them as it moves through the lymph nodes. There, specialised cells called lymphocytes attack any harmful organisms.

When your lymphatic system becomes sluggish, unhealthy or fails, you become vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses and health problems, ranging from impaired immune responses and infections even to cancer. Another common complaint is lymphoedema, which is when arms or legs become swollen with lymph fluid that can’t drain properly.

The energising effects of a bellicon® workout on your lymphatic system helps flush toxins, bacteria and other waste from your body. You’ll be left feeling vital and cleansed from the inside out.”

Now, Bellicon is pushing their product, but this is also a widely-believed theory. Bellicon is one of many companies making similar products that you can check out below.

My Rebounding Routine

Currently, we’ve got THREE rebounders here at the Schneider HQ. Two of them are 39-40” in diameter, and one of them is 44” because I was being a baby and wanted a little extra room so as not to fall off. 

The idea of keeping the third mini-trampoline beyond our needs was because…

A) If we practice this regularly, we typically try to be as hospitable as possible and often have guests who should OBVIOUSLY be joining our weird rebounding cult.
B) It’s just fun as all hell seeing your family, friends and employees jumping on trampolines to music. 

The LEKfit Revolution

While I was in Fiji, my wife Darcy was simultaneously finding an appreciation for rebounding back home. Darcy discovered rebounding online through a new, popular workout called LEKfit. She extended a work trip in Los Angeles just to get in as many Lekfit classes as possible while visiting a dear friend, Teri Barber.

Darc is on a crazy amazing kick right now where she’s working out 31 times in 31 days. She even travels to LA, no joke, just to go to these intimate LEKfit sessions with founder Lauren Kleban, who opened her namesake program in her GARAGE! Nothing says “intimate” to me like exercising next to the trash cans and winter boots, but they did something right. It’s now commonplace to spot celebrities at LEKfit classes.

Rebounding + Dancing

When I’m rebounding, I’m dancing like a weirdo. I didn’t really need to coax Darcy into purchasing a few rebounders. But now, I realize that I might need to take my moves up a couple of notches! Kleban’s Lekfit gives you a few different types of rebound dancing classes to choose from, according to Gillian Sagansky at W Magazine:

‘Bounce Fit’ (her signature trampoline class), ‘Sculpt Fit’ (a ballet and yoga-inspired mat class) and ‘Fusion Fit,’ (a combination class). With five free streaming video workouts available, a subscription service coming this fall, and a West Hollywood pop-up Fusion Fit class coming in August, it’s safe to say her garage will be car-free for a while.” (published on July 28, 2016)

It’s obvious that Piddonkadonk team member Tom simply views this as a way to emulate the band Phish. Honestly, whatever it takes to get you going.

This is too much fun to ignore. Whether you are struggling to get exercise or looking for a morning coffee substitute, you have to try rebounding. The effects it has on your mind and body make ordering a mini-trampoline (or two) highly worth it. We’ve all told ourselves a billion times, “I’ll hit the gym tomorrow.” But now you can just hit the garage, deck or living room, and start “Bouncing Around the Room.” Wow, I just quoted Phish…

Where to Get Your Rebounder

I have some excellent rebounder recommendations. Check them out below! You can buy directly from a manufacturer, but I prefer Amazon Prime for quick shipping and easy/flexible returns!