I hate cats….because of allergies. So I don’t really hate cats cause they’re cute, I hate them cause they cause trips to the Emergency Room and that’s no fun at all. I mean that co-pay is a real bummer in itself. Anyways this is one cool cat that I hate. Literally just sits outside our door and then says what up, struts it’s stuff for a bit, and then I run inside looking for Benadryl being the “bubble boy” that I am. It tricked me one time though and without asking came inside – was hard to say no, right? It’d be like if a cute little West Highland Terier rolled up and was like, “hey, I have a super calm demeanor and I’m loving and cute, can I come in?” to which I would respond “most definitely, I’m not allergic to you and how often do you get adorable animals stopping by and just looking to play? Come on in!”

Anyways this cat kinda took advantage of me, but live and learn I guess. ​