Socks (those soft things on your feet) are turbo trendy and obnoxiously the rage, yet they’re more supafly now than ever before. Actually, I have no statistical data to back that up, but The Donk got me caught up in this Stance frenzy. Jake goes way overboard when he sees a new style or line drop that he’s digging and when he found Stance socks, consequently these new foot threads took over his life. Dude literally has drawers on drawers full of all different “feet sheets“. I think I just made that term up. I checked on Urban Dictionary and there isn’t a single reference to “feet sheets”. Can someone figure out how to add it to the Urban Dictionary? Amazingly, Star Wars, NBA, Action Bronson, RihannaDisney, The Notorious B.I.G. etc are all licensed by Stance, so even if a single one of those movies, artists, or sports float your boat, be sure to check out this video and as a result you’ll want to cop at least one pair for yourself.

Hey, you know what? Let’s give away one of Piddonkadonk’s favorite “reserve” pairs. It’s exactly like that old saying, while “The Pig-Donkey is away, we can give some of his UNWORN socks away.” The dude’s still in California, so he won’t even know. Throw a comment with your favorite pair of Stance socks shown in the video and post in the Youtube comments OR the Facebook comments WHY you think they’re fly and we’ll pick the most creative comment (weirdly subjective, I know)! I can’t guarantee it’ll be that specific pair, but I can guarantee they’ll be SOCKS and they’ll be STANCE! We might even do a couple of pairs pending the participation. – TOM