Welp this is it. Had an amazing time in Fiji for an excellent adventure at Tony Robbins’ “Life & Wealth Mastery”. Self examination and growth part deux begins tomorrow with the Hoffman Process. No cell, no tech. Uh oh! Can’t thank my wife, Darcy, for putting up with me when she basically had to drag me out the door to get to this one. I really have no idea what to expect, but Darc did it and I owe it to myself AND her to knock this one out for the both of us. I was like a kid who didn’t want to go to school this AM. She knew that I was so intimidated and tepid about this trip, not wanting to be pulled out of what has been a really fun routine of late, that she helped me pack and kept a smile on her face through all my sulking. Where would I be without my little WONDER WOMAN??? Thanks boo.

I’m fortunate enough to do something like this and one can’t get enough of it. Always a ton more to learn!

I am about to go “digitally dark”, but I’m ready for it and wish me well! I will most likely have some posts que’d up for the week though to tide anyone that’s interested over!

Here’s a pic of me getting my fix before we begin tomorrow. Also, thanks to all for the support and amazing feedback as I toy around with my technology, personal journey and and the various Adventure’s of Donk. You’re all amazing. 

Staying the night at a dope and hip little motel in the gorgeous town of Calistoga, CA after a day full of flight delays and traveling from San Fran.