Oh, bearded friends of Project Piddonkadonk: Make sure to watch this video because you can see me reviewing this product in the field… aka THE SHOWER!

If you’re like me, you have been switching between different over-priced razors and beard trimmers since the beginning of time (well, the year 2000 in my case). It’s a racket. Straight up. There are a few companies that make them all, they come up with little ploys on how to sell them to you, charge you a ton for the disposable razors themselves (watch the video for more info on how many razors go into landfills each year – it’s gross) and then PURPOSELY discontinue them periodically so that they’re not compatible with other razors moving forward and you have to buy a whole new set.

Oh and yeah, you need a beard trimmer too, and those things are BIG – like, “Shit, I have to fit this into my suitcase big.” The closest thing I ever got to what I thought was a proper razor was this damn Gillette M3P. It basically had a battery in it and vibrated which was supposed to loosen the hairs on your neck and beard while shaving. I’m pretty sure that was nonsense, but they got me hook, line and sinker. Seriously – I highly doubt it did anything special. The WORST part about this thing is that it was big when they were pushing the word MP3 all the time, so people would look at me and be like, bro, head to the Electronics and I’d respond, “I’m not looking for a razor that plays music and I know the difference between an MP3 player and a razor called the M3P. But one day I went to get cartridges and they had been WIPED from the shelves at TARGET. Super annoying so it was on to the next ripoff of a razor. I used that puppy for a solid 1.5 years, and they just deserted me???

I am thoroughly appreciating these new retro and classy approaches to shaving, which is ALL THAT IS NEEDED for the most part, whether it be subscription-based like Dollar Shave Club or the simple and classy Harry’s razors for purchase, because in my humble opinion it’s a genuine simple approach to shaving.

But what about those big ass beard trimmers that you need? Gotta carry those around!


THIS IS WHERE SHAVING AND TRIMMING LIFE CHANGES MY FRIENDS! Norelco should hire me for this nonsense! The infomercial in me wants to say, “what if I could tell you that there was a WATERPROOF, RECHARGEABLE, REASONABLY SIZED device that not only trims hair and beards, but also gives you a GLORIOUS clean shave as well with your favorite shaving cream?

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This is where the “Philips Norelco OneBlade, hybrid electric trimmer and shaver” comes in!!! This is an absolute NO-BRAINER. It’s saved me from missing many a meetings due to the extensive beard grooming that I have been stuck with. I still can’t believe something SO SIMPLE took SO LONG to make it to market. The OneBlade operates as a full blown razor (albeit electronic) AND a beard/hair trimmer. You can KNOCK it ALL out in the shower. I’m hoping this product doesn’t abandon us, but how could it.

Getting pushed HARD by Norelco and any/all drugstores, big box stores, and of course, AMAZON, GREAT DEAL. Clean lines on the neck and knock down that beard in one sitting. If you’re like me, make sure to purchase a SOLID anti-fog mirror and knock it all down in the shower! You can even go “below the belt”, but should probably be carefuly AND change the blades for that maintenance! Do you want in on this puppy? Order HERE and I promise you’ll knock a few solid minutes off your mornings.

Here’s another link to a variety of OneBlade versions for you to peruse and make your life easier: http://amzn.to/2mH7R4N

Also, aside from Pauly D from Jersey Shore, who uses these circular tri-blades anyway??? They’re like taking a weed whacker to concrete. #GARBAGE JUST DO IT – or return the damn thing to Amazon, but if you know me, I’m not one to push stuff that annoys the hell out of me! Nuff said! Hope this can help and hit me if you need any more info!