Couldn’t get this posted before due to cell service but got STRAIGHT TOOK to a beautiful Fijian church on Sunday with some of the crew in Savusavu, Fiji. Really cool that my homegirl CiCi who works at Namale was there and introduced herself to me as we were shaking hands between readings and when I said my name she asked if I was Jake from “Totuka”, which is my Bure I’m staying in. Amazing woman and so delighted she could share her church with us. Now I see her a couple times a day for a hug, a “Bula” and a high five. Also – I really liked what someone said during the service – that it’s not about what the walls and roof look like, it’s about the people and the intention. They didn’t need a crazy PA – two speakers on sticks, that’s the technology to get a bunch of adorable children singing like cherubs! Unexpected Sunday Win.